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22.03.10 - St. George Bike Trip

Nice warm weekend, so it was time for the first bike trip of the year. My friend Jim and I took off to St. George to hit a couple trails. Friday we went on one of the most technical rides I have ever done — Gooseberry Mesa. The trail follows the edge of a mesa on some of the most amazing riding I have ever done. I am not too scared of heights, but if you are this isn’t the trail for you. At some points you are just feet from the edge. Over the whole trail I never felt like I was in jeopardy of                       falling to my doom.

On Saturday we hit the Bearclaw Poppy trail. This is a very fast trail with some sweet downhills. It is very different from Gooseberry but totally fun. If you have two hours to burn and you are in St. George, this is a sweet place to spend it. This video was shot with a GoPro Hero camera. I hope it doesn’t make you sick. It was an amazing trip and I can’t wait to hit some trails up here soon.

2 Responses To  “St. George Bike Trip”

  • Jimbo - Reply
    Posted at 11:24:11 on March 22, 2010

    That was a great trip Derek, I mean Dirk. I can’t wait to go riding up here but I really want to go back down there and try it again. That is after my ABC stops hurting. Its alot better today. We have to go back so we can do it the other direction. Both rides. Sweet video cam. I have to get one so we can both be in the it.

  • Mike - Reply
    Posted at 04:50:52 on March 22, 2010

    Nice shooting Tex! I’m super jealous of the new cam!

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