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05.09.09 - Catching the Moon for my Little Girl

My oldest girl is really into space right now and can’t stop talking about it. She loves the moon and stars and all the planets. On Monday we went to the Clark Planetarium to learn more about space, and I think it pushed her over the edge. If we could move our house to space right now she would be in. So yesterday at work I was looking to see when the next full moon would be, and guess what — it was last night. I called a good friend and borrowed a 400, then I put an extender on it making it an 800. This picture is less then half the size of the full image. I can’t wait to print it for my little girl. Maybe I will never be able to really catch the moon for you sweetheart, but I will always do everything I can to help you get your dreams.

So this picture is for her.

Catching the Moon
Catching the Moon

This morning I was so excited to show this to my girl. My wife came down to see her face. When I showed it to her so looked at it excited and asked, “Daddy, can you now take a picture of the Earth for me?” The next time I am in a spaceship I am all on that.

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