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08.02.09 - Tony, our MMA Friend

On Saturday a friend and co-worker of mine had his first MMA fight in Orem at Throwdown gym.  I was able to take some pictures of his fight and a couple others.

Tony’s fight

I admire Tony for having the courage to even step in the ring!


A crazy fight earlier in the night

23.01.09 - Moab… ohhhh isn’t it pretty

I just found this picture that I took in Moab that I never even opened up. It was a beautiful day and the lighting was pretty sweet. It is awesome to find new pictures to work on. I hope you enjoy my shot of Delicate Arch in Moab.

Delicate Arch Moab

Delicate Arch Moab

01.01.09 - Corn Dogs

This is a photo from the fair this last year. I thought that this corn dog stand was so sweet looking. So many colors to make me want a delicious corn dog. I had two of them. Thank you corn dog stand designer, you make corn dogs even more delectable.

Ummmmmm.... Corn Dogs!!

Ummmmmm…. Corn Dogs!!

13.12.08 - You would like me to do what?

I was asked by a client to photoshop a file of their wedding. I am up for most anything as long as you know that I charge by the hour. This one was a little more fun then the normal fixes. When I first looked at the file I didn’t know where to even start. Sometimes that is the best starting point, not knowing how or where to start, just jumping right in. After a few hours and a few Advils this is what I ended up with. We printed it 11x 14 and it looks pretty sweet.





 It took a little work to get it there but I am happy with the results. Happy Wedding Jim and Lyndee.

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